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Disposal Email Address

Hold tight! We are creating your MailBox :)
Your MailBox is set to Receive Emails
Emails will appear here Automatically (Refreshing every Seconds)

What are disposal email used for?:
⇒ To register a website using temporary reusable email address without using own email address to avoid spam message.
⇒ To register multiple games account for dummy, reward and much more.

If i forgot the game password, can i receive the password back after reset?
⇒ Yes you can receive back the password as long you remember the Email ID when you using from here.

Can i send the message using disposal email address?
⇒ No you can't. Disposal email address only to receive the message, not for sending.

How long i can receive the message after i register to some website for activation for some case?
⇒ Normally less than 1 minute you will get your incoming message.

I receive some sensitive message here. Can i delete it?
⇒ Yes you can delete your message anytime you like.
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Sunday, 21 April 2019